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Due to the economy I was recently faced with the challenge of starting over. As a veteran real estate agent, when the market started to decline in 2006 I had to re-examine my life. I fit right into the age group most likely to be laid off; Boomers (born between 1946-1964), too young to retire, too old to start over and the nest egg has crumbled. 

What are the options? Living under a bridge? Winning the Lottery? Both had odds I wasn't willing to explore. It seemed so obvious to me. I went back to the basics of American self-reliance? So, without any formal background in business, finance, manufacturing or distribution I decided to "hire myself" and become an entrepreneur/inventor. 

Everyone said it couldn't be done and I wouldn't be able to survive, much less compete with BIG business. But luckily I didn't listen to them. I combined my creative talents, hobbies and passions, with my business expertise and invented and distributed my own line of innovative products. I successfully marketed my inventions to online stores, gift catalogs, major retail chains and yes even to the coveted electronic retailer QVC. 

Not only did I prove the Nay Sayers wrong I also proved to myself that anything is possible. I'm now able to share my story, advice and experience with other Boomers who may be facing unemployment. I have partnered with the Small Business Development Center and the Women's Business Center (all part of the US Small Business Administration) offering mentoring and training to aspiring entrepreneurs.  
I've taken my various seminars and private training sessions and compiled the information into a new guide for the unemployed. "How to Turn Your Pink Slip into a Red Hot Business". This book was created to help career employees find new income producing opportunities as successful entrepreneurs.  

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Everyday the media features stories on the economy or unemployment statistics. When we were experiencing double digit unemployment numbers, many industries either downsized or completely disappeared, forcing millions of Americans to push up their sleeves and re-invent themselves. Finding income producing opportunities is a challenge at any age, but the majority of layoffs are Boomers who quickly find a new employer may no longer be an option. My mission is to inform, inspire, motivate and entertain the masses to look within for the answers to their unemployment dilemma. They too may find a new career just waiting to be discovered.
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