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A four (4) minute video highlighting press releases, QVC, Daily Buzz, Big Idea, Washington Post and other media exposure for Newco's PUP, giZmo bag and Jean Newell.
How ToTurn An Idea
Into An Invention
The Back Story: It all started a few years ago when, as a veteran Realtor I found I was leaving my little (and expensive) high tech devices all over town. This particular day I had called my cell phone for the second time within an hour to find it. I jokingly commented to my fellow associates that "one day I'm going to show up for work wearing a carpenter's nail apron with HOME DEPOT printed across it, just for the luxury of using the pockets!" 

Although that statement got a laugh it "rang" true with all of them. It seemed I wasn't the only one spending an enormous amount of time searching for my daily essentials. After realizing that we were all in the same boat, we started searching for a multipurpose, stylish unisex bag we could use for work.  

After months of searching, we came to the realization that no such product existed. I was elected to create "the perfect" accessory for our needs. So with my associates' input I developed the PUP (acronym for personal utility pouch). Sales began to pour in and newspaper articles with headlines like "Bag Creates Buying Frenzy", kept the phones ringing day and night. Just 2 months after the PUP's debut, it got the attention of QVC which accepted the PUP as a new product.  

QVC prefers the inventor to accompany their product on air so I flew from Orlando to the QVC studios outside of Philadelphia over 35 times in 18 months. That's 70 plus airplanes that I got on and off during peak holiday times, 4 hurricanes and one week I had to make 3 round trips back to back. If you would like to read more about my travel adventures, please click 

The PUP was featured in National and Canadian publications, TV shows and reviewed in 35 metropolitan newspapers including the Washington Post and the New York Daily News. Most recently the PUP was featured on the Montel Williams' show and included in the celebrity gift bags for his MS Foundation's Gala Fundraiser, recently held in New York. 

Because I'm often asked by aspiring inventors to help them take their idea to market. I have developed 2 seminars I present to organizations and business functions, 

1) How to Turn Your Idea into an Invention  

2) How to Market Yourself on a Limited Budget.  

I've included the steps you'll need to turn your idea into an invention.

I will be posting business tips and ideas on my Business Blog. 

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by: Jean Smith Newell, Boomerpreneur

Introduction: Whether you're 8 or 80 people today are loaded down with tiny little electronic devices that are easily misplaced. Whether it's your cell phone, pager, PDA, ipod, camera or just your car keys, we all seem to be juggling these devices from pockets to purses to belt clips. Or worse, just loose in the car. After numerous times of calling my own misplaced cell phone to find its whereabouts I finally said "there's gotta be a better way." which coincidentally is Donny Deutsch's motto on The Big Idea.