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About Jean Newell
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As a veteran real estate agent, every year Newco Enterprises' founder Jean Newell, struggled keeping track of the ever increasing small gizmos and gadgets needed for her business. 

She also heard other Realtors complaining of the same problem, not having a place to keep their: palm pilots, cell phones, reading glasses, pen, lock box key, and Blackberry, etc. Jean decided to hold focus groups to determine what was needed to solve this rapidly growing problem. 

Several months and just as many prototypes later she created the first "high tech" tool belt. With the help of other associates they decided on the name - the PUP (acronym for Personal Utility Pouch). 
Due to the easy access and stylish design, the PUP soon attracted a wide variety of consumers with their own special PUP uses. 

Almost immediately after the PUP's debut, it got the attention of QVC - the world’s largest shopping network. Jean was invited to showcase her new product and the first airing in May 2004 resulted in 3,900 PUPs sold in 7 minutes. Jean continued to appear on QVC 35 more times and within 18 months the PUP had sold over $1.5 million in sales. 

Jean, now a well versed expert on the invention process, has appeared numerous times in print as well as television and radio interviews. 
In addition to creating products and managing Newco Enterprises, Jean also travels the country presenting seminars on: 

             + How to Take an Idea to Market
             + Marketing Yourself on a Limited Budget
             + Discovering Your Hidden Entrepreneur 

Jean created a training and mentoring program for organizations including: The Small Business Development Centers, The Women's Business Center, Chambers of Commerce and NASA. This program developed into Jean's forthcoming book "How to Turn Your Pink Slip into a Red Hot Business" which chronicles her experience of starting a new business and provides the information needed for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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"Jean Newell -
My Story"